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We are business owners and specialists of top companies. After 24/02 we felt ourselves how difficult it is to continue working in new conditions. And understood how important it is to support each other.

That's how Leleka was born.

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Anastasiia Nochvina

CEO of Leleka, co-founder
of AN agency


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Anton Nochvin

Journalist of 1+1 Media, founder of AN agency

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Ruslan Nos

Art-director, founder of design agency

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Vlad Skripchenko

Webflow expert

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Why leleka?

Stork is an ancient symbol of Ukraine. A symbol of devotion and love for the native land. Leleka is a project that embodies these values.


Leleka is a marketplace of great Ukrainian products made by brave businesses.


Leleka aims to support Ukrainian businesses in their decision to stay in the country and keep working despite the war. Our mission is to introduce their products globally.

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