Leleka is a Ukrainian word for "stork"

Stork is an ancient symbol of Ukraine. A symbol of devotion and love for the native land. Leleka is a social project that embodies these values. We help Ukrainian businesses - those who decided to stay in Ukraine despite the war. Leleka aims to support them in their decision to keep working and developing Ukraine's economy.
We all work in the Ukrainian
creative industry
Web designers, developers, marketing and communication specialists.

We didn’t know each other before the war. But the idea and the desire to help - united us.
We are business owners and specialists of top companies. So we felt ourselves how difficult it is to continue working in new conditions. And understood how important it is to support each other.
That's how Leleka was born.


Anastasiia Nedoluha
Journalist, founder of AN agency
Vlad Skripchenko
Designer, web flow expert, founder of mors.agency
Ruslan Nos
Art-director, founder of branding agency Damba.agency
Anton Nochvin
Journalist of 1+1 Media, founder of AN agency
Daria Kryshyna
Service designer
Support Leleka
Our team doesn’t earn anything for this project. Leleka is a purely volunteer and social initiative, motivated by a desire to help. But we would be grateful for your support. All funds will go to the platform development and advertising