Exclusive erotic accessories


Anoeses is a Ukrainian brand that creates exclusive erotic accessories.

"By creating unique designs and high-quality products, we encourage everyone to discover their inner selves and reveal their powerful sexuality."

Anoeses creates a community of like-minded people from around the world who value diversity, communication between partners and self-acceptance. Business pays a lot of attention to aesthetics and functionality.

Their mission is to create a safe space for any gender, body shape, age and orientation, where everyone can feel free and loved. To do this, Anoeses are developing an educational platform and blog where they explore various sexual topics and learn more about fetish culture with their community.

Founded in 2018 in Ukraine, Kyiv.

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Impact of the war

Business had to abandon the Kyiv office and move to Ivano-Frankivsk.

"In January 2022, we held a strategic session and had well-established business processes. Now business processes are new, as are collection plans for the year."

Business had to set up new logistics chains. Their main focus has always been on the western market, but currently not all delivery services from Ukraine are working. Furthermore, the terms and cost of delivery are increasing, so the team does not yet know how this will affect sales and customer loyalty. Many materials are also missing or very difficult to obtain.

Due to new circumstances, Anoeses had revised their plans for the future. Now they have decided to develop digital educational products, as well as reduce the range and increase the stock so that in case of critical situations they can send some of the finished products. Prior to the war they used to do everything to order, individual tailoring.

Constantine Savvopulo

Purpose of funding

Funding is needed to maintain production.

Anoeses is ready to send parcels abroad to any country.

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