clay kyiv

Brand of clay decor items


Clay is a brand of non-conveyor clay decor items. Each vase is created by masters themselves. The main principles of business - minimalist and accent products at an affordable price.

"We created a brand when, during the renovation of a Kyiv apartment, we could not find any decorative items that would satisfy us aesthetically and meet the planned budget."

In addition to vases, Clay also makes candlesticks and candles.

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Impact of the war

From the beginning of the war Clay completely ceased his activities. After all, the production was located in Kharkiv and Donetsk region - now the hot spots of Ukraine. In particular, in Kharkiv the company lost both production and a large warehouse.

clay kyiv
Marusya Ovcharenko

Purpose of funding

Clay plans to move production to a safer region and resume operations. After that, the team will be ready to ship their products around the world.

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