Devi Brand

Clothes for children


Devi is manufacturer of clothes for children, aged from 0 to 6 years. Brand uses only high quality fabric and see their mission in creating a worthy Ukrainian product. Moreover they dream of presenting Ukraine in a global marketplace.

The biggest value is their customers. In each part of communication with a client, Devi brand strives to make it a long-term relationship.

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Impact of the war

Number of orders has decreased dramatically due to the war. Moreover, many employees moved from the country. Particularly all the seamstresses left, so brand currently outsources production of all clothes. In addition, a number of essential materials for tailoring has disappeared from Ukrainian market. Despite all the challenges, Devi brand keeps working and strives to keep its high quality.

Devi Brand
Khrystyna Doskoch

Purpose of funding

Brand is looking for clients all over the world. They are happy to ship worldwide.

Part of income would go to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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