Technical support of mass events


FatSound has been providing mass events with technical equipment for 10 years. Company offers everything, from lighting design and sound engineering to the design and installation of complex stage structures. The business works only with equipment from the world's best manufacturers, such as L-Acoustics, RCF, ElectroVoice, DiGiCo, Allen & Heath, Martin, Coemar, Global Truss, Milos and others. The main values of the company are openness, professionalism and innovation.

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Impact of the war

From the first day of the war, FatSound found itself in a difficult situation, as all mass events have since been banned. Unemployed, the team actively joined the fight against the enemy. Fatsound is currently electrifying volunteer centers, helping with the delivery and loading of humanitarian goods, and the search for humanitarian aid abroad. In addition, part of the team joined the ranks of the local Defense Forces.

"I would very much like our victory to come as soon as possible: for all of us to start rebuilding a new Ukraine and doing beloved work."

Oleg Gula

Purpose of funding

Currently, the main goal is to keep the team and the business. Fatsound is in dire need of financial assistance to rent warehouses and pay employees at least the minimum wage. To continue to work and help the country, the business has already sold some of its equipment.

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