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Designer jewelry from Odessa. Decorations are concise but accentuated.

The brand was created by Olena Lisunova. She has been with FoxJewelry for 9 years - a designer, a photographer, a sales manager and a marketer. Controls every detail - from modeling to promotion on social networks. And in every ornament - puts his soul.

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Impact of the war

Elena and her family are currently in Odessa. Despite periodic bombings, they decided to stay in their hometown. Currently, Olena's main goal is to resume work and help the Motherland.

"I decided to transfer 20% of sales to the needs of the Armed Forces and volunteers."

But it's not easy. As of February 24, FoxJewelry has been almost completely shut down. Due to the war, demand in Ukraine fell sharply. Jewelry - now is not the time. Only one earring has been sold so far.

Lisunova Olena

Purpose of funding

FoxJewelry doesn't just need donuts. Business is ready to create jewelry and ship worldwide. Therefore, new customers will be happy!

"I am proud to be a Ukrainian designer"

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