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Frisson - a brand of modern puzzles for adults founder by Ksenia Morozenko.

Frisson [f r i z o n] translated from French is a pleasant feeling of goosebumps on the body. Everything they make leads to goosebumps, the brand says.

Frizzon creates puzzles in collaboration with Ukrainian artists and illustrators. In June 2021, they released the first collection of 4 puzzles, each with 500 pieces. Business managed to attract cool masters of their craft, with whom they're very proud:

1. Illustrator Marie Kinovich.

SPRING puzzles are all about love.

"Now I see in this illustration what carefree happiness looks like. Happiness as it is. And such a spring that I wish everyone. Picnics, cherry blossoms, loved ones celebrating Ukraine's victory in 2022. " - comments Ksenia as of April 4, 2022.

"SPRING is not a time of year, but a state of mind." - Marie Kinovich is an illustrator, genius and dreamer. ❤️

2. Artists Lera and Maxim (WE BAD)

JUNGLE puzzles.

Each city has its own jungle. Some are concrete structures, and some are wild thickets. And each of its inhabitants has its own charm.

Illustration from the band WE BAD indicates the mix of colors of Kyiv. A slightly mischievous look at serious things makes you think about the simple things around us.

3. Muralists Andriy Kovtun (Myforestbrige) and Victoria Lyme

RIDDLE puzzles.

Those are primarily a mural from a five-story building in Kyiv. This is a reflection of the area where there are gray houses around the greenery. And the symbolism embedded in the mural itself is simply astounding. The girl, as a symbol of the feminine principle, is a symbol of humanity. And everything around us is an external factor that affects us. Personification of the interaction of human origin and the whole cosmos.

4. Photographer Alexander Ant

BRIGHT puzzles.

Those are photos of a moment that can no longer be reproduced. This is the state when the spilled paints gathered for a photo. The most difficult of the puzzles in the collection shows us the variety of shades, as the diversity of paths in life.

Mission of the business is to unite people. Even the slogan (Better Together) hints that it is better together. People are better together. Puzzles better together. And so people are better with puzzles.

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Impact of the war

In the spring of 2022 Frisson planned to launch its 2nd collection, already found Ukrainian artists, agreed to cooperate.

"But on February 24 we woke up to a terrible roar, to the sound of sirens and news that Russia attacked us. For 10 days we could not work, thinking only for how to live on, how to save yourself, your life and how to help your loved ones."

Moreover, the production of puzzles is located in the town that was almost completely destroyed by bombings of Russian army.

Kseniya Morozenko

Purpose of funding

Currently, Frisson is ready to send puzzles from its first collection all over the world. And 20% of each sale the team would donate to the Ukrainian army.

"It's our way of accelerating the victory! We will be very grateful for your support. We are happy to work every day and send orders around the world. Glory to Ukraine!"

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