Happy Spaces

Textile and decor for children


Happy Spaces is a manufacturer of children's textiles and decor for children's rooms with children's illustrator prints designed specifically for the brand.
They create every collection from scratch: from color schemes and characters to combinations of patterns. In each collection, the illustrator develops not just a separate print, but entire panels for individual products (wigwams, pillows, rugs) to make the overall picture of the room look interesting and diverse. The work of creating each Happy Spaces collection ends with the addition of various textured elements of velor, muslin and linen to give the interior depth.

"We believe that the children's room is a very special place in the home and heart of every child. It is a place that we will remember all our adult lives and associate with our parents' home, warmth and comfort. And we know that It is not difficult to make it cozy, beautiful and elegant, which is why we have created complex textile collections."

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Impact of the war

Business resumed production in April, even though a number of workers still couldn't resume the work as they lived in occupied towns. Amid the war and all the challenges Happy Spaces aim to continue working and creating high quality products.

Happy Spaces
Vira Honcharuk

Purpose of funding

Happy Spaces is ready to ship their products worldwide. Every order is essential for business to stay alive.

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