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Lavi.Joy is an ambassador of pet-friendly lifestyle. Brand produces a range of products for dogs and cats, from tags to toys and paw wax.

Founder's name is Dasha and her dog is Joy. A brand was born out of love for Joy.

"I searched for a perfect tag for him for a long time, but when I didn't find it, I decided to create it myself. Then started doing the same for my friends' dogs. This is how the Lavi.Joy brand was created."

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Impact of the war

Lavi.Joy is a small family business, as Dasha's mom helps her a lot. The war turned their lives upside down. Dasha, her mom and her younger sister had to leave the country temporarily. And lived through a real tragedy.

"When the war started, I took my mother and little sister and we went abroad. And the stepfather went to the village in the Chernihiv region. He helped our military. When the village was occupied, Russian soldier arrested him. There was no connection with him for a long time. Almost a month later, his body was found. He was severely tortured and then shot by the Russians. My mother was left without a husband, and my little sister was left without a father. Only I remained. And now whole family relies on me and earnings through Lavi.Joy."

Amid such a tragedy they still operate Lavi.Joy remotely. There are currently numerous challenges, including logistics and supply, but business still intends to do all the orders on time.

"Now it's more of a quest than simply work. But it doesn't really matter as despite all difficulties Lavi.Joy is my dream job. I work exclusively with people who adore animals like me."

Daria Trush

Purpose of funding

Now Lavi.Joy is not only a dream business of its founder Dasha. Now it's also an only source of earning for her family. Dasha, her mom and sister work hardly every day, but at the moment there are not enough orders.

Lavi.Joy is looking for clients! They're ready to ship both in Ukraine and worldwide. In addition, business offers gift certificates.

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