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Lookfort offers disposable tableware and packaging of all kinds - from ordinary to craft and ecological types. The mission of the business is to be a reliable backbone for HoReCa establishments and an example of the best service in the country.

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Impact of the war

Lookfort is located in Kharkiv and for a whole month of the war they actively helped their hometown. Absolutely free of charge, the business provided volunteers with disposable tableware worth UAH 1 million. This is an extremely necessary help, because such utensils and packaging are used to feed the army, doctors and the Ministry of Emergencies, as well as people in hot spots. Lookfort has now moved its business to Khmelnytsky, but plans to continue helping the country.

Oleksiy Yatsenko

Purpose of funding

Financial assistance is needed to continue to provide volunteers with disposable tableware and packaging in large quantities.

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