Madam Pe

Homestyle semi-finished pelmeni & vareniki


Madam Pe is a Ukrainian manufacturer of perfect semi-finished products such as pelmeni and vareniki. All products are made only by hand, from fresh ingredients and without any preservatives or additives. Madam Pe offers food that is made with love and tastes like homemade.

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Impact of the war

Madam Pe is a family business, founded by Mariya and Oleksandr Yasakov. Couple invested all their energy, money and time into the business, of which they're extremely proud.

However, the war changed all plans and expectations. Oleksandr made a decision to send his wife and business partner Mariya, their daughter Alisa and his mom abroad, as it was not safe to stay in Ukraine. While Mariya keeps controlling business remotely, Oleksandr stayed in Dnipro and resumed production on the 10th day of war. Business has numerous contracts with supermarkets, which they must obey and produce all the products on time. Madam Pe strives to fulfil all the obligations despite challenges with logistics and supply of products.

In addition, Oleksandr is currently engaged in the coordination work of a centre for internal refugees in Dnipro.

Madam Pe
Mariya and Oleksandr Yasakov

Purpose of funding

Currently, the idea is to add to the products' range ready-made rations for the army, as there is such a need. Further, business needs additional funds to purchase equipment and a refrigerator.

And of course Madam Pe is happy to send their semi-finished products to customers worldwide.

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