Make Sense is a brand of stylish laconic stationery. Main product is a notebook with rings. Uniqueness of Makesense is that a client may create its own individual notebook. This is the key idea of a business - maximum personalisation with minimum effort. Create your perfect notebook with Make Sense!

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Impact of the war

Creating a stationery business was a cherished dream of Valeriya for a long time. Finally, it became true on 13th of February when the Make Sense store was launched. Business started the marketing campaign, did first sales. And then on 24th of February all the plans were ruined as the war started.

Founder of Make Sense has left Kyiv with her family to hide in a safer place. But now she is ready to return to the capital and resume the business.

Make Sense
Valeriya Fomicheva

Purpose of funding

Make Sense would be grateful for new clients and is happy to send its notebooks to any part of the world.

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