Vicario Masi

Clothing brand


Vicario Masi is a Ukrainian clothing brand. Their mission is to make each look dazzling and elegant at the same time. The team does everything to ensure that every client is satisfied for all 100%

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Impact of the war

The war paralyzed the work of the team in both cities - production department in Vinnytsia and marketing department in Dnipro. Many workers had to hide because of constant rocket attacks, were extremely frightened. In addition, the storage with clothes in Kharkiv was lost. However, despite all the challenges Vicario Masi team managed to cope with emotions. Now they continue working.

Vicario Masi
Maya Tsykun

Purpose of funding

As a storage with brand's clothes was lost in Kharkiv, now a hotspot in Ukraine, Vicario Masi plans to sew a new collection. The team will be grateful for the donations. Moreover, they are ready to send their clothes all around the world

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