Quiet Form

Handracfted ceramic tableware
Nemishayeve, Kyiv region


Quiet Form is a studio of sophisticated ceramic tableware and decor. Studio started as is a family project in 2015.

A small team of Quiet Form craftsmen create limited unique collections.

"By putting love and energy into everyday things like a vase of flowers or a dinner plate, we believe that we encourage the celebration of life in the everyday details. We believe that the dining table is the place for the most sincere moments. A festive dinner or a quiet tea party alone is an opportunity to capture the joy of simple life, aesthetics and new home stories."

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Impact of the war

In the first days of the war, founders of Quiet Form were forced to leave their home in Buchansky district due to the occupation of the Bucha town and moved to Lviv. Thanks to the support of their clients, in mid-April team decided to resume the work of the studio and partially to move production to the city of Lviv. Moreover, two of Quiet Form brave colleagues returned to work in the Kyiv studio in May.

Unfortunately, situation with raw materials is extremely difficult. Almost all of Quiet Form products are made of porcelain, which is mined at the "Ceramic Masses of Donbas" plant at the Druzhkivsky quarry in the Donetsk region. This plant was evacuated due to fightings nearby. Quiet Form team has bought the remaining Ukrainian porcelain with credit fund and is currently looking for alternatives.

Quiet Form
Tetiana Ivanitska

Purpose of funding

It is important for the business to receive regular orders, so as to be able to provide stable employment for the team, pay studio rent and cover the costs of producing tableware.

Quiet Form would be happy to send its products worldwide.

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