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Sensovne is a production studio. Team makes all kinds of videos, from music to commercials.

Sensovne means smth. that is filled with meaning.

"Only a few things are really important to people in life. In a world full of information noise, they are easy to lose. I decided to create meaningful content that can be understood intuitively by everyone, in a form that causes goosebumps."

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Impact of the war

The war changed everything. Many of our team member shifted their activities to support the army. Some took up arms. Many joined so-called “creative forces”, to use their talent as a tool to stop the war. Producers, cameramen, actors, musicians - all try to use their craft for a common cause.

"I'm a part of the NGO Kosmos Tabir where we organized cultural events before the war. Now, we started the production of anti-tank hedgehogs and bulletproof vests"

Moreover, Sensovne would love to resume work and support Ukrainian economy. Refocusing on foreign markets - is one of the ways.

Stepan Kulyna

Purpose of funding

Sensovne doesn't need financial help. All they need is integration into a foreign market.

"I and my freelance colleagues need a handshake that will introduce us to foreign clients and creative community. And then we will manage ourselves :) "

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