Siayvo jewelry

Brand of silver jewelry


Siayvo is a brand of silver jewelry. For 5 years the team has been creating both custom jewelry and their own collections. They combine different styles - geometry and simplicity, floral motifs and delicate pearls, massive jewelry. But Siayvo's main theme is minimalism.

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Impact of the war

The production is located in Kyiv and, fortunately, has not been affected. The whole team decided to stay in the capital, help the defense and try to resume work despite any difficulties.

"There are difficulties in logistics, many people have left, but we will come up with something in these conditions."

Siayvo jewelry
Sergiy Svitailo

Purpose of funding

Siayvo needs orders! In addition to the sale of author's collections, the brand is ready to make custom jewelry.

"We can design and make unique dream jewelry or make, for example, branded jewelry or souvenir jewelry for a business."

They will be able to send jewelry to any part of the world.

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