Brand of natural cosmetics


Sue is not just a brand of natural cosmetics. As its founders say, it is the love for every jar, every ingredient and sticker.

The team works tirelessly to ensure that customers receive a truly quality product every time.

In their work, Sue has identified several principles that they never violate:

- No use of cheap raw materials that do not have quality certificates.
- Minimisation of impact on the environment. That's why all Sue jars can be recycled. Clients can bring their empty and clean containers for disposal to Sue stores.
- No product testing on animals.
- Team uses Sue cosmetics. They developed it primarily for themselves, because 10 years ago, they could not find good analogues in Ukraine.

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Impact of the war

Team has learned a lot since February 24. But they still keep working.

"We have learned to work remotely - now our office is home to different parts of the world.
We have learned to be proud of Ukraine, Ukrainians and ourselves as a Ukrainian brand.
We have learned to work in anxiety - internal and amid air raid alerts.
We have learned to hold on - as the great people of a great country hold on."

Anna Stashkova

Purpose of funding

Biggest dream of the business is to become a global brand - made in Ukraine, but competing in global markets. Therefore Sue plans to create slightly different production facilities and get European certificates, so as to gain trust of the European market. Speaking of shorter-term goals, Sue stays in Ukraine and wishes to employ as many internal refugees as possible.

"Now a large flow of professionals have lost their jobs, we want them to stay in Ukraine and develop the country, not go abroad."

Sue is happy to send any products worldwide.

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