Exclusive 3D plywood wall panels


VENKO is a carpentry workshop that have been working since 2014. Their signature creation - 3D wall panels made of plywood. Such wall panels can be both small, acting as paintings, and huge for the entire wall. Team adds a backlight to some, and it acts as a lamp. In all cases, Venko panels are an accent in the interior. They attract attention, evoke emotions in both owners and guests.

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Impact of the war

After the full-scale invasion of Russia, all existing projects in Ukraine were frozen, new ones do not appear because it is not a product of basic necessity. The price of raw materials has risen significantly, it has also become more difficult to obtain, and the supply has decreased. International orders have also decreased to 0.

Venko team had to return to the simple provision of cutting services in order to support production (employee salaries, utilities, rent, equipment maintenance, etc.). However, this is not the way of development for a business, it is the way of survival.

Yuriy Namaka, Teras Yalovenko

Purpose of funding

Venko works and is ready to send products worldwide.

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