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Promoting great Ukrainian products all over the world

You - register. We help you to sell products globally

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Products on Leleka - are made in Ukraine

Products on Leleka - are made in Ukraine

With character and a unique history


How leleka works?


You register - just apply over here.


We add your products to the Shop and your story to Stories of Businesses.


Details on how Leleka and business cooperates, as well as our terms & conditions may be found here.


Users of Leleka discover great Ukrainian products. You receive new orders.

Leleka is not simply a marketplace

We promote your products globally with love and attention. We take care of all communication with clients. And do our utmost to ensure a pleasant experience of users in every aspect:


Our team of marketing specialists, graphic designers and web developers works hard to ensure everything goes smoothly. Therefore, Leleka takes a commission per each purchase, in order to cover these costs. Details on terms of flexible commission rates for businesses can be found here.

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