Helping Ukrainian business during difficult times

You - register. We help you to find clients from all over the world
Introducing world to Ukrainian business that suffered from war

How Leleka works

You register - just apply over here
We create a personal page of your business on Leleka. Describe you and your business in detail. Describe how war changed your life. Our aim - get foreign clients interested in your story.

Foreign users of Leleka may:

  1. Support your business with a direct donate - through Leleka.
  2. Order your products or services. We help the user yo contact you. Order, payment and delivery - are all on your side.

How it works through example of 3 different types of businesses:

You offer products
Brand of clothes/jewelry/furniture/jam

Leleka user may support you by

  • donating
  • ordering your products

Business discusses all details of order, payment and delivery directly with a client.

You offer services
Digital agency/ interior design studio / IT-services

Leleka user may support you by

  • donating
  • ordering your products

Mostly this type of business can deliver its services online.

You’re an offline business
barbershop/sports club/cafe

In this case Leleka user may support you only by donations. However, if business wishes, we can also create options of saying “thank you” to those who donated (i.e. gift certificates, small presents).