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Kyiv / 5 workers / Instagram

RCR KHOMENKO is a brand of original casual clothing made from recycled materials. Founded by Yasya Khomenko in 2011 the brand promotes upcycling and an interactive approach to consumption. RCR KHOMENKO client is the one who does not forget to have fun at every opportunity.

Printed faces on prints in all shapes and colors convey a range of human emotions, making them attractive. People can create their own collections of sweatshirts of all colors that will suit their mood every new day.

Impact of the war

After the start of the full-scale war, everything turned upside down. The sense of security and home was lost, as well as the understanding of even the nearest future. Constant feeling of common social pain makes it challenging to work.

Moreover, the war has also greatly affected the economic situation. Despite challenges with supply of textile and general logistic, brand continues working. They feel that it is very important for to create a modern Ukrainian merch by recycling (upcycling).

RCR KHOMENKO is ready to deliver worldwide. Part of their profits would go to Ukrainian charities.

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