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SHKOURA is a young Ukrainian clothing brand that combines trends and heritage. The mission of the brand is conscious production and promotion of rational consumption. All products are produced without the use of electricity and other resources capable of depleting the planet. Creative, manual and natural processes give birth to a unique product.

The products fully convey the authenticity of Ukrainian culture, and the production itself is a completely environmentally friendly process. Moreover, nature itself plays a significant role in the creation of each product. Each coat is a multi-stage process that requires patience, skills and knowledge. After receiving the finished product, each of them is assigned a personal passport, which contains information about the product, care tips, and even the water temperature of the mountain river in which the product acquired its unique shape. This whole process, if not exciting, is at least troublesome and time-consuming. The creation of any item of Shkoura clothing contains a close interaction with nature. It sometimes takes more than a month to create one coat. For this, wool is sheared, washed, dried and raked, spun. From the obtained thread, the elements of the product are woven on a loom of the 18th century model. Then the product is washed in a mountain river, dried in the fresh air, and then stitched.

Impact of the war

Brand was forced to stop production in Kyiv and partially move the machines and raw materials to the Kosiv district of the Ivano-Frankivsk region. Company also helped its master weavers to move to the Kosiv district for the sake of their safety.

Part of Shkoura profit goes to the charity "Tabletochki", which has been helping Ukrainian children to fight cancer for over 10 years. Currently, the charity expanded its activities to delivering urgent humanitarian aid to people affected by the war.

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