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Ukrainian Sun-dried Tomatoes


Kherson / 30 workers / Instagram

The company "Ukrainian sun-dried tomatoes" is the first producer of sun-dried tomatoes in Ukraine. A family business that started as a hobby, and as a result turned into craft production in 2015.

"We turn an ordinary Kherson tomato into an exquisite Ukrainian delicacy."

The company's products are a real gastronomic pleasure, and a 100% natural product without sugar and vinegar. Quality and taste are the two main criteria of Ukrainian sun-dried tomatoes. Moreover, here are their core strengths:

1) Tomatoes are the tastiest. If you don't believe it, try it and compare it with other manufacturers.

2) Products are created according to a unique recipe. Team uses spices to create harmony of taste. Many manufacturers add a little spice just for looks, and then add vinegar, flavor enhancers, and other unnecessary ingredients. And as a result, sun-dried tomatoes lose their rich, unique taste.

3) In order to make sun-dried tomatoes, any tomato is suitable. But in order to make delicious tomatoes, you need to carefully select the variety, pay attention to the thickness of the skin, the amount of dry matter, and the taste of a fresh tomato. Even the size of the fresh tomato and the way it was cut affect the final result.

4) Brand has 7 flavors of sun-dried tomatoes. Everyone can choose their favorite flavor. And we also have 3 options for sun-dried tomato paste sauce.

5) Company uses real Extra Virgin olive oil.

6) Team uses completely natural ingredients: tomato, spices, oil, salt, garlic.

7) Team really loves what they do

Impact of the war

Founders of the company and most of the team lived in the village of Chornobayivka, Kherson Region. Production of sun-dried tomatoes was also located there. Because of full-scale invasion of Russian army everything was lost - from property to production facilities.

"Already on the first day, there were loud explosions not far from us, but we continued to work, because we had a large order and were supposed to ship it. On the third day, we left our city, all we could take were essential items. All the equipment, products, all our housing remained there. We had hoped to be able to go back and get the equipment out, but it was impossible. Now there are people living in our house whom we have never met, but their house is completely destroyed. After leaving, we engaged in evacuation and volunteering. Currently we want to resume production."

Andriy Biglenko, Founder

The team has recently managed to restore production in a safer Odessa region. Now the company is ready to send its sun-dried tomatoes worldwide.

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