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Bucha, Kyiv region / 10 workers / Instagram


Vesna is a brand of natural Ukrainian cosmetics. The founders, mother and daughter, faced problems with atopic dermatitis and acne. This is how a brand that uses only natural ingredients appeared. Moreover, Vesna uses a range of Ukrainian herbs and oils in their cosmetics. Business makes everything, from various face and body care to products targeting different skin problems.

Impact of the war

Laboratory and a warehouse of Vesna were located in the city of Bucha in Kyiv region. And, unfortunately, it was Bucha that suffered devastating shelling from day one. Everything was destroyed - the open laboratory, the warehouse and the shop. In addition, the founders and many employees lost their homes. ‍ Vesna's clients helped her to survive all this.

“For some time we were filled with emptiness and rejection of the situation. But suddenly we felt a lot of support and excitement for the fate of the VESNA brand from our customers from Ukraine and around the world. Many people have written to us that taking cosmetics in an alarming suitcase is something very valuable. ”

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