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Wood Mood


Gostomel / 3 workers / Instagram

WOOD MOOD creates unique handcrafted candles - in a wood. These type of candles were invented, developed and patented by two founders of the brand, spouses, Anastasiia and Andrew Burzi. Their candles are truly unique. First of all, they are reusable, as the couple invented replaceable wax cartridges. Secondly, candles are environmentally friendly, as they are made only from natural materials and, most importantly, the wood is given "second-life". The brand only uses wood that was left after sanitary pruning of trees and stripping for construction. Beeswax is bought from farmers. Only certified essential oils are being used. You won't find any chemicals or plastics in the product.

WOOD MOOD team design candles in a sustainable way, with deep love and attention. Main goal is to achieve a "wow-effect" and give its clients pure emotions.

Impact of the war

Since 24th of February operations of the business has almost stopped. During occupation of Gostomel by Russian army the workshop was damaged. Moreover, it was looted, as Russian soldiers stole technical equipment, instruments and all the candles that were in stock. Moreover, the wooden part of the candles was made in Kharkiv region. The whole production was destroyed, nothing is left.

Therefore, the WOOD MOOD lost almost everything. The teams is now looking for opportunities to restore production in a safer region of Ukraine. WOOD MOOD wishes to stay in Ukraine, create great Ukrainian products and continue working for the domectic economy. Their clients give them inspiration as many said that they put candles in an emergency suitcases, so as to feel like home anywhere in the world.‍

And WOOD MOOD is a family business, founded by a wife and a husband. Founders have 4 children, from 1 to 8 years old, and they are their main motivation.

WOOD MOOD is happy to send their candles worldwide (few are still in stock, as the team managed to save them).‍

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