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Silk Face Towel

Silk face towel for gentle skin care

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Why is silk towel a MUST HAVE accessory for your face care routine?

1. Bacteria cannot grow in a silk towel (unlike a usual cotton towel), so it will help to avoid skin rash and acne.

2. Silk smoothly glides on your face skin without injuring it. Usual towels can leave micro damage which can lead to skin irritation and early wrinkles. Meanwhile, silk is also the best skin care solution for acne and post acne skin

3. Silk maintains the required level of skin moisture without over drying it

4. Silk towel - is an eco alternative to endless paper towels.

Composition: 100% premium Mulberry silk 25 momme without toxic dyes.  

Towel size: 50х40 см. Two-layered silk.

Here is what you will receive:

- Face towel made from organic premium silk (two-layered),

- Silk care guide,

- Branded gift box on a magnet,

+ Silk Hair Scrunchie as a present from MOLODO!

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