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Griffon socks

Ukraine - at heart box

Socks with love in your heart for Ukraine

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Boxing was created by artist Yulia Cherednychenko. She says: "I felt in my heart that this project should be about love, beauty, the soul of each of us, about memories and good moments, about stories that we live every day on this earth. But how to draw a single beauty for everyone? For me the answer was all around. There are things that are common to all of us. Sky. Stars. Sun. Forests."


- 100% natural cotton.
- the pattern on the sock is knitted
– reinforced heel and bowl
- double rubber band

Terms of order:
- shipping takes 2-3 days, depends on the number of missile, air, artillery strikes in our native Kharkiv. Kharkiv is free, indomitable and unconquered, as is each of our team, who will do everything possible to fulfill your order on time.
-30% of the profit from all orders is given to the "Return Alive" fund

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