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Wooden Balance Toy Forest Animals

Tactile wooden balance toys "Forest animals"

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Play, learn, experiment or paint toys, invent new games using your imagination. Explore how figures interact. The toy Forest Animals has a unique feature – each of the figures can hold the rest of the animals, so this set of figures turns into the exciting balancing game. Forest Animals toy develops creative thinking and will be interesting for the whole family because it's not as easy as it seems to balance all 12 figures.

◆ Unique wooden balance toy

◆ 12 tactile animals which are packaged in a cotton bag

◆ Made from natural, high-quality maple wood

◆ Over 144 ways of balancing

◆ Age: from 3 years

◆ Exciting game for the whole family

Package size: 190 × 40 × 155 mm

Weight: 0.280 kg

Certification: Yes (ukr)

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